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HRBuddy is designed to support both employers and employees to achieve efficiency and accuracy in the workplace.

Employer Features and Benefits

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    Improve Employee Retention and Engagement

    Improve your employee retention and engagement with the help of HRBuddy’s QuickCash feature that allows employees to cash out their wages in advance and relieve them of financial pressure. Employees with financial freedom are more engaged, productive, and secure at work.

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    Unlock efficiency and reduce errors

    Integrate HRBuddy into your human resource processes and start seeing an immediate increase in productivity in the workplace. This automation can also reduce HR processing errors by up to 90%. HRBuddy strategically picks tasks that are ideal to automate and leaves other tasks up to you such as relationship-building, which is essential in keeping your employees motivated all the time.

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    Focus on growth

    HRBuddy speeds up HR processing by around 40%. With this, you can focus more of your time on growing your business.

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    Clear up your desk, reduce paperwork!

    With HRBuddy, you can easily manage your employee 201 files in a secure cloud storage that you can access anytime.

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    Employee benefits automation

    No more complicated calculations for employee benefits! HRBuddy's smart payroll system is government compliant that automatically includes employee benefits and taxes in salary computations.

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    Biometrics Integration

    HRBuddy can be integrated into biometric devices to make your employee attendance management secure and accurate. Download your timekeeping data and sync it to HRBuddy to easily monitor your employees' attendance. Choose from our fingerprint scanner or facial recognition device for your biometric needs.

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    Accounting Feature

    HRBuddy supports online posting to Quickbooks and Xero, so you no longer need to input your payroll manually into your accounting ledger.

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    Reliable Accounting Integrations

    HRBuddy can simplify your bookkeeping activities with our reliable partner, ALDA Accounting Services that uses some of the leading accounting software such as Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks and, more. Streamline your accounting activities to gain confidence in making business decisions with our trusted accounting experts to back you up with the financial data you need.

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    Easy Access to Government Forms

    HRBuddy can easily generate and print your ER1, R1A, employee remittance reports, such as tax, SSS, PAG-IBIG, Philhealth, and loans.

Employee Features and Benefits

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    Easy access to cash for urgent needs with QuickCash

    HRBuddy’s unique QuickCash feature allows employees to advance salary when they need money urgently.

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    Never miss to clock-in and out!

    HRBuddy is a cloud-based platform that allows employees to access their corporate accounts to easily clock in and out, anytime, anywhere with a Mobile App.

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    Filing of leaves has never been easier

    Employees can easily apply for VL/SL where their immediate supervisor/manager can approve on their end. The platform also shows the number of available leaves that the employee can take.

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    Instant access to payslip

    HRBuddy allows employees to access their payslips anytime.

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    Easy to use

    No learning curve required. HRBuddy is designed for all users regardless of technological proficiency. The user interfaces both for admin and employee accounts are easy to configure and operate. Also, technical support is available to help you use the tool effectively.

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  • It’s Easy to Use and Affordable!

  • QuickCash - flagship feature for Employee Cash Advance and Salary Loan Application

  • No Installation - cloudbased

  • Mobile App Availability

Mobile App available!

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  • Support your employees with a quick access to their corporate accounts.

  • Access time-in and out, payslip, leaves, and other features on the go.

  • Convenient access to QuickCash for cash advance and other loan products.

  • Enjoy eWallet features for fund transfer, bills payment and fund management.

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